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Digital LED Wooden Alarm Clock Voice Control Date Time Calendar Display LED Desktop Table Clock

Functional features :Display date, time, calendar 
Pat acoustic sensor (or greater than 60 decibels voice can display) 
Can set up three groups of alarm, unique three brightness control function and the function of alarm clock did not ring this weekend. 
Size: 150 mm to 40 mm to 70 mm 
Material: skeleton density fiberboard + surface like wood 
Color: black and green 
Voice control: when close sound greater than 60 decibels can awaken 
The adapter: output: 6 VDC; Input current 1000 ma 

Power supply way: 1, the direct plug socket (not charging) 
2: the power can use alkaline batteries with (battery buyers yourself with 
3: can be directly plugged into the computer, USB power supply, such as mobile power supply, power supply


1 x LED Clock       
1 x USB Cable (Notice: charger not included) 
1 x Instructions